5 reasons why getting your period is awesome

1. Guess what?! You’re not pregnant! Honestly, your period is like this messenger that comes every month and only ever brings you the best news you could ever get. Your period is like a party in your uterus for not being with-child.
If you are trying to get pregnant, however, your period is still a bearer of good news. People who are severely over or under-weight often have irregular cycles. If you are menstruating regularly, then it means you are at a healthy weight for being pregnant. 

2. The sex right before being on your period is amazing. Everything feels good, even the positions that don’t normally do much for you get you close. If you don’t normally have sensitive nipples, well they’re sensitive now! And if you’re lucky enough to have someone who will have sex with you while you’re menstruating, not only does it feel phenomenal, but it makes the connection that much greater between you and that person. 

3. Remember what I said about your period being a party? Well whenever you’re on your period you always end up craving, and eating, all of your absolute favorite foods. Party-time in your uterus and in your belly! Now, this can be a bummer for you gals who like to watch what you eat, but it’s also a totally viable excuse to break down and treat yourself. Which brings me to number 4…

4. Your period makes you feel like shit. And everyone knows it. You know it, and all of your friends know it, and even though the males in your life have never had a period, they know it too because every single female in their lives has told them so. Which is why it can be such a great excuse for acting like a bitch, procrastinating, or eating your weight in potato chips. When you are menstruating, all of your hormones are out of whack and it can really screw with your emotions. And your energy level. And your willpower. You don’t have to tell everyone around you that you are on your period, but you can use it as excuse for yourself when you’re feeling real shitty on it.  

5. Lastly, what would this list be without a little female empowerment? I don’t know about you but sometimes I forget a little about the women’s issues that we are fighting for. Something about having my period, however, really gets me in the mood to do a little thinking for womankind. Believe it or not, I am currently writing this while on my period. 

<3 hope you enjoyed this, comments are greatly appreciated. go periods!

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nap time terrors

had a nightmare that I dropped my computer so badly that the screen cracked and a piece off of one of the corners broke off. thank goodness I realized it was a dream and was able to wake myself up.

fell back asleep only to have a terrible dream that I was at a party in this crazy huge house. a guy was trying to force me to go home with him, I think I ended up punching him in the face. then I was in the back of the house where this above ground pool was and the pool caught on fire. I ran around the house yelling “FIRE” to get everyone out, but the place was so big and so confusing that I was terrified that everyone wouldn’t be able to get out. I could hear people playing music in their rooms downstairs, totally unaware of what was going on. The place was so confusing, I had such a hard time finding where the music was coming from. finally I found them and got them out, but there were so many floors below us that there was no way I could warn everyone. I woke up sweating and disoriented.

nap time terrors nightmares fires terrors

going to see Joan Jett in 2 weeks at the North Carolina State Fair, can&#8217;t fucking wait!!!! &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 
Joanie 4 ever

going to see Joan Jett in 2 weeks at the North Carolina State Fair, can’t fucking wait!!!! <3 <3 <3 

Joanie 4 ever

joan jett


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